Kombucha is known as the tea of immortality AND the elixir of life.

it is a super-food health tonic loaded with energizing B-vitamins and vitamin C. It is a raw, living, probiotic drink with a unique set of acids that detoxify the body and aid metabolism. It is linked to many anti-cancer and anti-aging health benefits. An energizing and immune boosting beverage, it is as delicious as it is medicinal.

 our Kombucha is  made from brewed yerba mate , then fermented with a live culture or “mother” called a S.C.O.B.Y (Symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) 

 It has an excellent effect on headaches, hangovers, rheumatic pains, anxiety, and irritability. Kombucha is the perfect effervescent and uplifting alternative to soda and alcohol. 

 In an increasingly toxic world we have an even greater need to boost our immunity. eating and drinking live, raw organic foods is guaranteed to elevate your health.